I work on a lot of various projects. This is a very small selection of projects I am either currently working on or projects that others have found interesting and asked me to keep. I have made a point of listing when I last developed the project. While I may fix a typo or two now and then, most projects are abandoned when I get them working well enough for my needs - or I hit a problem that I don't have time to solve. (Note: I am going through the old projects, one by one, and deciding what to put back here and what to leave out.)

Real Projects

The following are projects that are (or were) part of a large project. I do not put projects I was paid to develop here as I do not retain ownership of those. Instead, these are projects that I work on in my spare time - when I have spare time.

CheepCheep (No development since 2012)
This is a project that hunts the web for cheap things for sale. It uses screen-scraping of Google's shopping search. Therefore, it breaks quickly when they change the layout of their shopping search. Further, it tends to find nothing but clip art (or similar) these days. Feel free to download it and try to hack it into something useful.
Facelock (No development since 2013)
This is a very tiny Python script that I use in conjunction with a facial recogntion program. If the camera (supposedly mounted near the computer monitor) cannot see a face, the screens is locked. So, if you get up and walk away from your computer, it automatically locks ... usually.
Poofz (No development since 2009)
This is a project that uses pink random values and a best-fit survival algorithm to create "art" - actually, it just makes a less random set of colored pixels.
News Substitutions
Based on XKCD, these are current news headlines with some word/phrase replacements to make them more interesting.

Javascript Projects

Because I do a lot of web development, I do a lot of javascript development. These projects are rather small javascript implementations that I've used and you might find helpful.

Site Status (No development since 2010)
Because I monitor a lot of sites that I develop, I wanted a very easy method to see which are up and which are down. This is a javascript embedded in a simple page that shows you the status of sites you want to watch. Just view the source code to see what to change to customize it for yourself. Pop it on your own webserver (or host it locally) and you can watch all the sites you care about.

Code Snippets

The stuff here isn't really enough to qualify as a project. It is more just a code snippet that others have asked me for.

PHP Redirect
This is a PHP function that redirects a user from one page to a new URL. You can embed a query string into the URL.
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