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How many math facts can you do in 30 seconds? Click Start to start a game. You will be shown a math fact. Click the button below the math fact with the answer. Another math fact will appear. When the timer reaches zero, you will see your final score of Correct and Wrong at the top.
Select the checkbox next to each item that you want to be tested. Changes take place immediately.
Math Facts Primer
by C. Shaun Wagner

This is a tool to help children (and adults) memorize single-digit mathematics. Math work is much easier if you can immediately solve 7+8 or 3×9.

The goal: Get as many math facts correct in 30 seconds. Get none wrong. After a 30-second round, get a breather and try to break your score.

How to play: Click the "Start" button. You will be shown a math fact, such as 2+5. You will be shown five random answers. Click on the correct answer. Another math fact will instantly appear. If you click on the wrong answer, a delay will occur, eating up your time. How many math facts can you get correct in 30 seconds?

Parents: You can set what is tested in the settings menu. You can turn on/off addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. All math facts will be single-digit, though the answer may be two digits.

I made this for my children. I hope others find it helpful. Feel free to use this tool. There is no cost or fee or license or any other form of restriction. You can even download it and use it on your personal computer if you so wish.