I tend to write a lot for a computer programmer. This list is just a taste of my literary delectables.


These works have been published in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, journals, and textbooks.

Accurate and Efficient Search Prediction using Fuzzy Matching and Outcome Feedback
C. Shaun Wagner, Sahra Sedigh, and Ali R. Hurson
Similarity Search and Applications, Presented by C.S. Wagner, Oct 2013
A Survey of Techniques for Improving Search Engine Scalability through Profiling, Prediction, and Prefetching of Query Results
C. Shaun Wagner, Sahra Sedigh, Ali R. Hurson, and Behrooz Shirazi
Scalable Computer and Communications, Chapter 23, Jan 2013
Demographic Differences in the Treatment and Control of Glucose in Type 2 Diabetic Patients: Implications for Health Care Practice
Brent M. Egan, Stephanie R. Shaftman, C. Shaun Wagner, et al
Journal of Ethnic Disparities, Win 2012
Initial Monotherapy and Combination Therapy
Brent M. Egan, Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Stephanie R. Shaftman, C. Shaun Wagner, et al
Journal of Hypertension, Jun 2012
Progression is Accelerated from Prehypertension to Hypertension in Blacks
Anbesaw Selassie, C. Shaun Wagner, Marilyn A. Laken, et al
Journal of Hypertension, Oct 2011
Impacting Population Cardiovascular Health Through a Community-Based Practice Network: Update on an ASH-Supported Collaborative
Brent M. Egan, Marylin A. Laken, C. Shaun Wagner, et al
Journal of Clinical Hypertension, Aug 2011
Evolutionary Music and the Zipf-Mandlebrot Law: Developing Fitness Functions for Pleasant Music
Bill Manaris, Dallas Vaughan, C. Shaun Wagner, et al
European Workshop on Evolutionary Music and Art, Presented by B. Manaris, Apr 2003
The Webcam Experience
C. Shaun Wagner
The Charleston City paper, Covery Story, Jul 1998
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