I have many (far too many) email addresses. I have one for every university I work with. I have one for every company I work with. I have one for many different social media websites. I have one to rule them all:

If you send me an email, please keep in mind that I get, on average, about 25,000 emails every day. See the graph of daily traffic below. Red is the actual number of emails every day. Black is a rolling 7-day average. It should be rather obvious that I cannot read every email that I receive. Most (over 90%) of the emails I receive are automatically deleted by my mail server. So, if you try to send anything that looks remotely like spam, rest assured that I won't likely see it.

Count of emails that I receive each day, over 25,000 on average.

Social Media

I previously reserved accounts on social media. However, I am old enough that any form of social media account is a professional liability. Therefore, I have deleted all social media accounts. If you find a social media account using the name "Kainaw," it is not me.

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