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Wheel of Fortune Spelling Helper
By C. Shaun Wagner

This is a tool that I built to help my children learn their weekly spelling words for school. Unlike flashcards or tests, I believe that this tool reinforces a deep understanding of exactly how each word is spelled. Children must be able to look at a couple letters and imagine all words that must be spelled for that week. Then, they can guess which word is being spelled and try a letter. It isn't memorization of a simple sequence, such as memorizing: h-o-u-s-e house.

This tool is absolutely free to use. There is no fee, license, or even request for funding. I do not want money for this. I want to help children learn to spell. (Also - I never asked Sony if I could use the theme of their game show.)

  1. First, the parent will open the "Show Words" menu and enter all words that the child will be learning.
    • See notes below about what is and is not allowed as a word.
    • This should save your words on the computer you are using so you don't have to enter all the words every time.
  2. The parent clicks the "New Game" button to start a new game.
  3. The child spins the wheel.
    • If you are using a mouse, just left-click on the wheel.
    • If you are using a touch-screen, tap on the wheel.
    • If the wheel hits Bankrupt, money for the current word is lost and the wheel must be spun again.
    • If the wheel hits Lost a Turn, the child must take a break while a chicken dances across the screen.
    • If the wheel lands on a dollar amount, the child must pick a letter (not a vowel).
  4. If the child has at least $250, the child may choose to buy a vowel instead of spinning the wheel.
    • The cost is $250 no matter how many of the vowel are in the word.
    • You can only buy a vowel in between wheel spins. You cannot choose a vowel instead of a consonant.
  5. If the child knows the word, the child may click Solve It instead of spinning the wheel.
    • The child will be prompted for each letter of the word.
    • If the child gets just one letter wrong, money for that word is lost and the next word starts.
  6. After finishing a word, the winnings for that word are added to the total winnings.
  7. When all words are complete, the total winnings are shown. Click "New Game" to start again.

When adding words to the list, note that only letters are allowed. All punctuation will be ignored. All numbers will be ignored. For example, "e-mail" will become two words "e" and "mail". Also note that single-letter words will be omitted. So, "e-mail" will actually become just "mail". Similarly, words cannot be longer than 12 letters (there are only 12 boxes on the screen).